Bann Srtisti village
The Sristi Foundation owns 8.39 acres of cultivation land just outside Kunamangalam Village that we were able to purchase with the help of several friends and supporters in 2013. Upon the land various agricultural projects are being developed. Using organic, traditional South Indian techniques, a number of crops including millet and corn are being grown.

Members of Srisit community are involved in every step of the cultivation. We are able to live on the land, in a tribal hut we built out of bamboo and mud. Because we want to become and stay Eco-friendly, we are using a solar water pump to access water for drinking. We hope to introduce new projects in the near future, depending on the resources, including mushroom cultivation and bee farming. Our next step will be to introduce a diary farm where our community members can learn the handeling of and caring for animals. The produced milk will furthermore be a new possibility of generating income. Yet another step towards our self-sustainability!

The main idea of the Sristi Village is to give intellectually disabled people the opportunity to learn some farming skills and therefore get the chance to work in the sector of agriculture, generate their own income and become self-sustaining and (partly) independent. It is our objective to empower and enable the intellectually disabled to lead a dignified and holistic life.