Sristi Village is a purpose-built agricultural land in rural Tamil Nadu where adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities live and learn together. By providing training, we teach them basic life skills to function with minimum dependency. Through our own experience, we learnt that agriculture is a therapeutic form of learning and acquiring skills that holds immense potential for employment. Agricultural work is a way of life as well as a form of job training for all the members of our community.

While the seeds of change were sown in 2013, in less than five years, Sristi village has transformed into a hub of several agro-based projects, still retaining its foundation of humility and love. On visiting Sristi village, you are sure to witness unconditional smiles and welcomes.

With the aim to change the collective mindset towards disability, we involve our community member’s families, the people of the neighbouring villages and volunteers from across the world to be a cohesive part of Sristi. This provides our members with a platform to learn societal norms, and values that will benefit their social acceptance. In a supportive and loving environment, our members live and learn in an inclusive environment.