Bann school
The Sristi Foundation is maintaining a school for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The school is located in Thazhuthali Village, 30 kilometres west of the closest city, Pondicherry.

We try to teach every child according to her or his individual needs. The training is mainly based on teaching the children skills they need in the daily life like eating and improve their skills through games and artistic activities such as drawing. This training program will later on help them to become independent and be a part of the mainstream society.

Services are limited in this rural area, so we initiated the school as our first project. We hope to increase our capacity. For this, we want to buy a school van to be able to reach more children.

Problem is, that many of the children in need of special education live in remote villages with no or limited access to busses. And if there are busses, the intellectually disabled children often are unable to walk the distance from their home to the bus station.