We are pleased to announce that we now have a brand new jeep at Sristi Village. This was made possible by all of our ongoing supporters: Kanthari, BWB– Germany, Kinderlachen, Weeshuis der Hervormden, The Netherlands, Alice as well as Arulmurugan and friends. Having this jeep will mean that we are now able to be more flexible in our daily lifes. We can do food deliveries, take our members to school and other events as well as help our local village. Most importantly, this jeep gives us assurances in case there are any emergencies and we need to go to the doctor’s or hospital.



Recently we have welcomed many new arrivals on the farm. We now have ducks, fish, 2 cows, 2 bulls and 2 calfs to add to our Sristi family. Every evening the members take tea and so benefit directly from our cow’s milk. We aim to sell our duck eggs and our newly made fish pond helps our land look even better. These animals are helping us become more self sustaining and we thank all our donors for helping us.


Gathering Hall

After many hard hours of labour we completed our Shakti or gathering hall. This gives us a safe space to work with our members, a place to eat, learn and be happy together! We celebrated the opening with a special day. Everyone came together to give thanks, celebrate and enjoy this wonderful achievement.



We recently celebrated the festival of lights in style! We borrowed a small bus and took a tour of Pondicherry and surrounding villages to visit the families of many of our members as well as supporters. It was an amazing day and it was great to see the members so happy in their family homes. Everybody enjoyed the crackers, the dancing and especially the food. The bus was definitely heavier on the way back! Many thanks to everyone that welcomed us in to their home.

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