Bann our team
Sristi Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under the Indian Trust Act in Puducherry. The organization was founded by Mr. Karthikeyan, a psychologist who has spent the past 15 years of his life living and working with children and persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Next to our director, our Sristi Foundation board has 4 more members. Three of them are people with disabilities and one medical professional with a wide knowledge about people with disabilities.
Sl. No. Name of the Trustees Address of the members Designation Profession
1. G.Karthikeyan No.8, Krishna Street, Danakodi Nagar Extension, Dharmapuri, Puducherry – 605 009 Managing Trustee Psychologist
2. P.Saravanan Plot no.82, Poothurai Road, Agathiyar Thottam, Dharmapurai, Puducherry  – 605 009 Trustee Health Inspector
3. V.Anandaraj No.7, Rajaganapathy Nagar, Kakayanthoppu,
Puducherry  – 605 007
Trustee Lab Technician
4. S.Sathya 1st Cross, Sakthi Nagar, Kosapalayam,
Puducherry – 605 013
Trustee Social Worker
5. J.Anbazhagan No. 7, Rajaganapathy Nagar,
Kakayanthope, Ariyankuppam,
Puducherry – 605 007
Trustee Social Worker
Our team furthermore consists of 5 constant members, our community members and a number of volunteers.

Mr. Muthukrishna: Mr. Muthu is our manager for the Special School and the community. He has a great experience in working with disabled people and is helping to handle everything. The way he takes care of our community members is simply inspiring!

Mr. Sekar: Sekar is the manager of our Sristi Village Farm. If you have any questions about our crops or vegetables – just ask him! He is sharing his knowledge about different crops and techniques that can grow on our land with our community and therefore helps us to become a self-sustaining village. Unfortunately Sekar will leave us for higher studies in April 2015 but we hope that he will return to our Sristi Village once he finishes his studies. We wish him all the best for it!

Mr. Malaiyunaran (Thatha): On our land, we have our Grandpa, a experienced farmer from one of the neighbouring villages with wide knowledge about the traditional South India agricultural techniques. He has been with us from the beginning and is always helping us with connecting with the local people and farmers. His wide knowledge is essential for our work on the field. We are very grateful that he is willing to share his knowledge with our community members and teach them his skills. Without Thatha, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Mrs. Rathi: Mr Muthu’s wife Rathi shows that the Sristi Foundation is one big family. She is volunteering with us, teaching our community members how to cook and helping with our Sristi Vocational Training Centre. Rathi is preparing delicious, traditional dishes for us, that most if the families don’t even know any more. Our stomachs are very happy for her commitment and her support!

Mr. Vaikunthan: Mr Vaikunthan is a trained speech therapist and also educated in CBR (community based rehabilitation), who takes care of our Sristi Special School. Furthermore he is involving in our day-to-day activities.