Sendhilkumar Sendhil joined us in 2013 and his story never fails to touch people. Unfortunately he was not looked after properly in a home where he was staying. The owners of the home did not know what to do with Sendhil and were almost scared of him. No one gave him a chance. Shockingly he was locked in a room for 2 years and food was just given to him and he was left all day. This left Sendhil traumatised and unable to speak. When Karthik heard of this he accepted Sendhil into Sristi Village. He is now slowly overcoming the years of hardship. He has begun to speak and interact with the other members and volunteers and he enjoys taking part in activities. Most of all he is extremely hard working and is always helping on the land. Sendhil loves animals and can often be seen stroking the dogs or watching the other farm animals affectionately. He was given a chance and now is beginning to live his life as he should.
Hariganesh Hari is 31 years old and is intellectually disabled. After completing his Special Education, it was difficult for Hariganesh to find work because of his disablitiy. His parents were helpless in trying to support him. Hariganesh got depressed, watched television the whole day and only found refuge in his little toy cars which he collected over years and forced his parents to buy. In our Sristi village, he is slowly forgetting his addiction to small toys and is learning how to react to frustration more appropriately. He helps out at the Sristi Foundation School and is known as our “smiling boy”, always laughing, listening to music and dancing. He also loves to paint. Hariganesh is an essential part of our farm life, always helping when there is something to do.
 VinohtkumarHe is 25 years old and is intellectual disabled. After finishing his Special Education, Vinoth had difficulty in finding a job, a problem faced by many adults with intellectual disabilities. Even with the support of his parents it seemed impossible to find work for their son. Vinoht is now a lively member of our Sristi Village.He is well- known as the “girlfriend- boy” on our land as he always carries newspaper cutouts with pictures of girls. Vintohkumar makes us laughing heartily.He is a very calm and peaceful person who balances the village togetherness. Weaving floor mats, is one of his favourite activities which he learnt at our vocational training centre.