We are a non-profit organisation based in rural Tamil Nadu that works towards improving the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Often these people are faced with exclusion, neglect and many disadvantages that limits their effective participation in main stream society. The present aid in India for the impoverished disabled community is met with the challenge untrained staff, lack of facilities and parents who are worried about their child’s severely dependent future.

At Sristi, we aim to empower our members with training and skills that will enable them to lead a more dependent and dignified life. Our methodology is a combination of education, life skills training and agriculture. Over the years, we have come to a sense of belief that people with intellectual disabilities have an aptitude for farming and so we included that in the lifestyle of our school children & community members here at Sristi.
Farming is not only a therapeutic method to boost their confidence, but also has the potential to create self-reliant income opportunities for them. All of this is done on an 8.93-acre land in an inclusive and wholistic environment, that we lovingly call Sristi Village. Sristi Foundation hosts 3 pioneer projects: i.e. Sristi Village, Sristi Special School and Sristi Farm Academy. ,All the students and community members are provided with nutritious food, shelter and a loving & supportive environment.
As per Section 13 (1) of the National Trust Act 1999 The Government of India appoints a ‘Local Level Committee’ in every district that holds the power to provide guardianship to an institution or family that is willing and capable to be the official custodian of a person with any disability or developmental disorder. Such a scenario often arises in case of abandonment, in absence of parents or the inability to provide care. Sristi Foundation has been honoured as the official Local Level Committee for Villupuram District authorized to provide guardianship.


An inclusive society, where children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are respected, valued and have choices to lead a holistic and dignified life together. Sristi Foundation believes in an inclusive and eco-responsible world, where everyone is given the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of disability, race or, gender.


To enable people who are disabled or marginalized to live as independently and as fully as possible through economic and social empowerment.