Keau Création was founded in 2015 to help support the Sristi Foundation. Elodie Dosset tells about herself and the foundation of this organisation…

I was studying for my masters in education/management/coaching/research at university. In this context I was preparing my thesis, entitled: “How to support workers or volunteers in a NGO on a field mission to find their career path.” In order to carry out my research, I wanted to have an experience on a farm in my favorite country, India. Instead of simply being a tourist or going on the typical spiritual journey, I wanted to use my experiences to do something to India, to benefit it in some way. I have already taken a lot from India and I wanted to give something back!

Through my research I got in contact with a friend in Pondi and I asked him for some contacts in the NGO sector so I could find a good organisation to work for. I was put in touch with Karthikeyan. He was running Baby Sarah’s Home Orphanage (110 members). I signed up to volunteer and I worked there during the 2013 summer. This was an excellent opportunity and I was happy to use some of my knowledge I had gained from working with young people in an educational setting in France. In France I specialised in artistic activities and providing support with children with disabilities My experience in the orphanage was amazing. When I came home I kept in touch with Karthik, and he told me about his idea to set up a farming community for adults with learning disabilities. One day I received an email; Karthik was looking for the final money to buy the current land for his Sristi Project. I remember I was so motivated and inspired by Karthik’s energy to set up this project. Then I decided to approach my friends to raise money. He went on to buy the land! At this point I already knew I wanted join the Sristi Project. Then in September 2014 I came as a volunteer (the first one!) for 6 months.

Why did I want to get involved in this project?

Firstly, I thought that the idea to build an eco-village for people with disabilities to provide training was a great initiative. To give a chance to them is fair (one of my values is to input more justice in this world). Moreover I believe education can change a lot in a society.

Secondly, after experiences in different domains I was looking for something for a new purpose in my life. I like new experiences, challenges and the idea to be there at the beginning of the project was so exciting because you have to build everything. Indeed, I was involved in every new activity: the creation of the special school, the daily life with our members, the management of the farm etc.

During this huge experience, I was thinking to create an association in France in order to support Sristi Foundation. It was clear that my Sristi’s values and my values go hand in hand. Then in March 2015 Keau Création was officialy created in France by Bernard Dousset, Géraldine Lethenet and Elodie Dousset. The idea is to raise funds for continuing our vision, to create some inter-cultural exchanges between France and India by volunteering, action at school or other events.

Today I am in India as part of Sristi Foundation, I’m here as the current manager of our community members who live and work on the land. Here I’m in the right place, helping our members to better their lives. I try to use and adapt all of my skills, and I continue to go more deeply in the Tamil culture. At the same time I run Keau Création and if you would like to find out more or offer your own support through donation or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me through the Sristi email

Ms Dosset has been instrumental in founding Keau Création