The Sristi Farm Academy is an agro-based residential training academy for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We believe that agriculture is innate within the people of rural India and the familiarity of it, makes our vision of self-employment more attainable. We are constantly working towards developing the farm land. Our aim is to provide organic, fresh food to sustain our community. The second is to generate income for the community members through sale of the left-over produce.

It offers several training programs for individuals above the age of 18 with mild or moderate intellectual disabilities, preferably from rural areas. Beyond being trained in farming, they will undergo leadership development and training on basic mathematics, marketing and economics of agriculture to understand the feasibility of sales. Through this training Sristi aims to empower it’s graduates to be independent and enable them to support their families.

The Academy also strives to be a knowledge sharing hub for likeminded revolutionaries and experts from across the world.