Transformational Stories of our students

Arunkumar lost his parents at a young age and was later admitted to an orphanage by a social worker. Throughout his pre & post orphanage time, his disability had constantly subjected him to teasing & mocking by the street kids and peers at the care unit. This led to extreme aggression and a tendency to escape due to the absence of understanding & trust. Then one a social worker referred him to Sristi and within 6 months his behaviour has transformed him into a very patient and amicable boy. His passion lies in tending to farm animals and he now partakes in the animal husbandry unit. It turns out, all he needed was a caring and affectionate environment to feel valued and to realize his full potential.

Banu Priya, a student of our Special School comes from a cooperative family. When initially the Govt. refused to admit her in the school, her parents approached us. She suffers from many developmental delays, particularly with difficulty in walking and comprehensible speech. So, over the last 3 years, we have trained her in speech & physical therapy with a current focus on rudimentary lessons (such as alphabet, colours and shapes) and daily living skills (dressing, bathing, eating independently). Being a bright student, her capabilities have transformed her into a child who can independently walk without crlutches, speak with basic comprehension and best of all, she is now enrolled into a regular Govt. school, where she studies 3 days and 2 days at Sristi. We are very happy to witness the beginning of her inclusion in the main stream schooling. This helps our work in changing the perception of the society towards disability.