bann volonteers

Our Sristi Foundation would not be able to function effectively without volunteers. Volunteers enrich our project with their unique knowledge and help us to find new aspects and ideas for our various projects. Any form of support is helpful for us and we are happy about everybody who is ready to join our team be it for a few weeks or a whole year.

There are various options for volunteers to work at our foundation. There is something for every taste and in all positions, new ideas are helpful all the time and help us to develop and improve our style of working.


Assist in our Special School to educate children with intellectual disabilities

The Sristi Special School has the objective to give children with intellectual disabilities who live in rural areas the access to the education they deserve and need. We try to teach every child according to her or his individual needs. The training is mainly based on teaching the children skills they need in the daily life like eating and improve their skills through games and artistic activities such as drawing.
Volunteers are a constant and important part of our school because they give the opportunity to better concentrate on each individual child an give each and everyone the attention he or she needs and deserves. New ideas that every volunteer brings with him or her are for us just as important as the love and attention the additional member of our team means for the children. Volunteers help us a lot to improve the quality of our work.

• Assist the teacher in handling the children
• Contribute own ideas, activities, games etc. to the curriculum
• Help the children with their day-to-day activities
• Assess the needs of the children and act according to it

• Enthusiasm
• Willingness to work with intellectually disabled children
• Patience with the children and teacher
• Creativity
• Cultural sensitivity as you’ll be living in the rural Tamil Nadu
• Willingness to put the children’s needs over one self’s