Transformational stories of our members

Shankar has cerebral palsy, which has made it impossible for him to find a job in the past. Soon after he joined our community and enrolled in training with us for a year, we decided to employ him as a farm worker. He has demonstrated immense passion to learn and work in the fields. We have now appointed him to govern the dairy farm independently. It houses 10 cows at present. Additionally, he is training our existing Sristi Village members in farming skills to enable more of them to become independent.

Sendhil, 32 years old, was eEarly on in his life he was enrolled in a special education program and received vocational training in electrical work. Despite the skills he had learnt and histhe eagerness to work, no one would hire him. Without an income his family could no longer support him and his mother placed him in a home. Unfortunately, the people at this home locked him in a room for 3 long years, making his life miserable to say the least. Upon hearing his story, we contacted his mother and tried hard to rescue him from the home. Having forgotten to speak, he showed unusual behaviors that were coping mechanisms from his time locked in the room. However, today Sendhil is beloved in our Sristi Village community and is surrounded by friends who are helping him recover from his trauma. Slowly he is healing and re-discovering his place by being involved in the farm work.